Amulets & Armor
5/9/2013 - Classic v1.01 Released
Major Bug Fixes
A new version of A&A has been released and now is available for download. This update fixes an important movement bug seen by many players and particularly with characters of speed 55 or higher. If you have any additional problems or questions, please feel free to send an email to We want you to have the best experience playing the game.

The latest version can be downloaded from the download page.

Fan Art and Speed Run Contests
As a quick reminder, there is still time. If you have not already started the contest, you have until May 31st to get in your fan art submission or enter your speed run!

5/1/2013 - Contests
To commemorate the re-release I wish to announce a series of contests.

1. Speed Run Contest - Prize $40
For our first contest, we want you to play our game -- and play it fast. !Starting with a level 1 character, see how quickly you can run through ALL the levels of Amulets & Armor. Do you choose the faster Rogue or Sailor, or do you depend on magical means? Do you fight monsters for experience or do you zip past them? Record your runs and upload them to, and share with us your high-speed adventures through the levels of A&A. The player who takes the least amount of time will win $40. Unfortunately, we'll be clipping people's wings and keeping them from flying and/or blinking, but everything else is fair game.
Check out the Speed Run Contest Rules.

2. Fan Art Contest - Prize $20
We have seen on the forums there are some talented members out there who are just itching to draw fan art for Amulets & Armor. Now we would like to see you put together a picture using any media you like, add a fun and interesting caption, and post it in the contest area. Make us laugh, make us cry, it's all good. We just ask you make it work- and family-friendly. We'll have the community provide input on favorites and Exiguus Entertainment will pick the winner of the $20 prize.
Check out the Fan Art Contest Rules.

4/21/2013 - Amulets & Armor Classic 1.00 Released!
Amulets & Armor has been released to the public for free. Just click on Download and follow the instructions for downloading the files. This version requires DOSBox.

A Windows version is in the works! Follow the DevBlog for more details!