Amulets & Armor
Classic Version v1.04 Release 12/31/2013
Click on one of the following link and download to your computer.
If using Windows, just download and double click on the .msi file to install.
If using DOS, unzip into a folder and connect with DOSBox.
More details can be found on the DOSBox Configuration page on the wiki.

NOTE: Be sure to backup your characters in the subfolder "S0000000" first!

Amulets & Armor Editor Files 3/2/2014
Now that you have enjoyed the game, are you ready to add your own content for the game?
Click one on the following links to download all the needed files and utilities for creating new levels on A&A.

Thanks to James Rossi for pulling all this together! You're amazing!

Thanks to El Zee and others who have provided many of the necessary graphic files needed for this release.

A&A Change History
Classic v1.04 -- 12/31/2013

  • Option added to disable dropping items when character dies.
  • Option added to change speed of mouse and keyboard turn rates from 20% to 200%.
  • Toggling between look and mouse mode no longer causes the look angle to jump.
  • Added missing music files (MUSIC6 and DANCE). Now music can play on all adventure levels.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of the first level of Elmore's Retreat.
  • Fixed leak when playing a long time that would cause music to stop playing or crash.
  • Fixed problem when teleporting to water covered area while wearing ring of water walking. It no longer constantly teleports back and forth.
  • Movement speed is now properly recalculated when strength changes from spells.
  • Health and Mana properly update when using amulets and rings fo food and water conservation/nourishment.
  • Improved diagonal strafe/sidestep calculations.
  • Players can no longer move when dead.
Classic v1.03 -- 9/21/2013

  • Buying bolts from the store no longer crashes. Archer is now usuable again.
  • Shooting mercenaries with piercing bolts no longer crashes.
  • Doing non-magical/physical attacks to Mattan no longer crashes.
  • Rogue no longer takes damage when making multiple jumps on level ground.
  • Switching between look and keyboard mode no longer causes blocks of graphics to distort at last location of mouse.
  • Inn now properly saves chaacter on exiting plus fun messages.
  • Installer changed to force install to C:\GAMES\Amulets & Armor for now. Problems were found with installing to other directories.
  • A&A Launcher now properly updates each time run instead of cache flushes.
Classic v1.02.01 -- HOTFIX -- 9/13/2013
  • Characters now properly save
Classic v1.02 -- 9/8/2013

  • Windows version released!
  • Windows launcher added
  • New networking code rework
  • A&A Server added (compatible with DOSBox ipxnet server)
  • No longer can open doors while dead.
  • Quest 5 fixed to be 3 levels, not 5.
  • Wands now correctly work in look mode.
  • Empty script files now work
  • Removed tons of dead code.
  • Source Code is now doxygen compatible
Classic v1.01 -- 5/9/2013

  • Fixed problem with jerky or backwards movement with characters with speed 55 or higher.
  • Music is now looped better -- thanks to JossiRossi for helping with this.
  • Mouse Invert Y feature now added
  • Quest 7 Level 1 now correctly allows passage to the next level.
  • Multiplayer Guild now correctly shows the list of adventures and descriptions

Classic v1.00 -- 4/26/2013
  • Initial release