Amulets & Armor
3/2/2014 - Doom Builder 2 BETA v0.02d
Editor Improvements
The Doom Builder 2 editor has been improved to better support A&A. Here are the changes.
  • Completed list of all things in the game
  • Fixed texture alignment tools to match between editor and game.
  • Effects from Doom no longer show up in editor for A&A.
  • Items now have a Value field that can be used for arrow counts and other features
Download the latest from the download page.

12/31/2013 - A&A Classic v1.04 Release
Happy New Year!
The work on the classic version continues. This is most of the last important bugs found in the game (see below). If you find more bugs, don't hesitate to send us a report by email! We're now going to focus on the OpenGL port of the game.
  • Option added to disable dropping items when character dies.
  • Option added to change speed of mouse and keyboard turn rates from 20% to 200%.
  • Toggling between look and mouse mode no longer causes the look angle to jump.
  • Added missing music files (MUSIC6 and DANCE). Now music can play on all adventure levels.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of the first level of Elmore's Retreat.
  • Fixed leak when playing a long time that would cause music to stop playing or crash.
  • Fixed problem when teleporting to water covered area while wearing ring of water walking. It no longer constantly teleports back and forth.
  • Movement speed is now properly recalculated when strength changes from spells.
  • Health and Mana properly update when using amulets and rings fo food and water conservation/nourishment.
  • Improved diagonal strafe/sidestep calculations.
  • Players can no longer move when dead.
Download the latest from the download page.

12/27/2013 - A&A OpenGL Progress Update!
Improved Graphic Rendering Coming!
Lysle has more details about the OpenGL port over at the Developer blog. Check it out!

10/6/2013 - A&A Classic Editor Files Released!
Finally you can be the Dungeon Master!
Got an idea for an Amulets & Armor level? Now you can create it! The A&A Classic Editor Files have been released. Check out the latest files on the download page.

Based on the excellent tool Doom Builder, most of the game's features are available for editing. There are still a few tricks and issues, so we'll label it BETA, but we want to get it into your hands now.

Give it a try and show us what killer levels you can created. Share with others on the wiki. Talk about your ideas in the community forum. We're eager to hear what you are planning.

And if the forums cannot answer your questions, feel free to email us at

Let's give a special thanks to James Rossi for pulling all this together! You're amazing!

Thanks to El Zee and others who have provided many of the necessary graphic files needed for this release.

9/21/2013 - Classic v1.03 Release
More bug fixes!
Several more bugs have been brought to our attention and fixed!
  • Buying bolts from the store no longer crashes. Archer is now usuable again.
  • Shooting mercenaries with piercing bolts no longer crashes.
  • Doing non-magical/physical attacks to Mattan no longer crashes.
  • Rogue no longer takes damage when making multiple jumps on level ground.
  • Switching between look and keyboard mode no longer causes blocks of graphics to distort at last location of mouse.
  • Inn now properly saves chaacter on exiting plus fun messages.
  • Installer changed to force install to C:\GAMES\Amulets & Armor for now. Problems were found with installing to other directories.
  • A&A Launcher now properly updates each time run instead of cache flushes.
Download the latest from the download page.

What is Amulets & Armor?
Sit down, young adventurer. There's a tale to be told. It spans 10 years, and while once it was thought the story was over, there's been a recent twist.

Amulets and Armor (A&A) is best described as a first person fantasy crawler designed by the minds of mad Game Masters. The game attempts to retain the feeling of playing tabletop fantasy with friends and a drink in your hand. Originally released in 1997, after a launch without a publisher, fewer than 100 copies of the game were sold, and eventually it faded into obscurity, only popping up on websites hosting abandoned software.


Why are you here now?
Here is where the story gets interesting. A&A has been available on various sites for a while now and has garnered a small underground following. In October of 2012 Bacter and Mzbundifund began a Let's Play to show off this little-known game. Bacter reached out and contacted me to join in the discussion.

I was pleased to see the growing interest in the Let's Play and the game itself. Mzbundifund and Bacter were doing an excellent job of showing off the game in all its glory (and its many flaws). There were bugs and I winced at each and everyone, but behind it all, they showed the game really has a charm to it that had been forgotten. Because the game had been sold incorrectly, I had always felt it never quite got its day in the sun. I have always desired to bring it out again, but due to its aged graphics, legal issues, and general obscurity, never thought there would be a platform where it would take off.

However, after some rights-wrangling, and some work on my part to bring the aged beast into the new millennium, I am ecstatic to be able to release the game for free.

For Free?
Yup! Now this is good for a few reasons. One is that I can port the game properly to Windows and add a number of bug fixes. These bug fixes and enhancements make the game much more playable than the current "abandoned" versions. It also means that we have the potential to be able to continue development and expand upon the base of the game. It is our hope to add new content sometime down the line, dependent on community interest. For now though, the game is going to be released in as strong a state as possible for everyone to enjoy, with updates as they are found.

Why A&A Continues...
Amulets & Armor is a true labor of love. It has some quirks and problems, but we’re working to make it better. Something special was made and we plan to expand upon the game and make it even better little by little. Sure, the graphics are a bit dated, the interface needs a few more tweaks, the character classes are not balanced, but underneath it all, there is a charm not often found in other games. Explore the game and join with others who have also found that charm.

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